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Development Of Employment Opportunities And Industrial Parks

Increasing the supply of jobs is a positive component of growth and invigoration of Jerusalem. To that end, the Jerusalem Development Authority acts, in the context of a long term work plan to upgrade the existing areas of employment, develop new and modern areas of employment, and also develop clusters of employment  in which Jerusalem enjoys a relative advantage.


Industrial Areas and Advanced Hi-Tech
Jerusalem enjoys a wide supply of industrial parks and advanced technological gardens, among them: 

Mount Scopus - Modern Industries
The Industrial and Technological Park at Mount Scopus is one of the largest and most attractive in Israel. It is designed for modern industries and hi-tech companies. The park is easily accessible and has a modern infrastructure. Among the companies inhabiting the park: Teva, Intel, Omrix Biopharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) and NDS.
Malcha - Knowledge-Intensive Industries
The Malcha Technological Garden covering approximately 70,000 sq. meters is mainly populated by knowledge-intensive industries and attendant technological services industries.
Atarot - Traditional Industries
The Atarot Industrial Park in north Jerusalem is mainly populated by traditional industries operating in the city. Lately, following an upgrading of the park's physical infrastructure there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for land at the site. One of the park's main advantages is the ease of access for those coming from outside the city as well as from the city itself.
Givat Ram Hi-Tech Village
This location, a result of a joint initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Hebrew University is one of the first sites in Israel which was built in proximity to centers of knowledge and academic research. The village supplies a starting base for technological start-up companies.
Givat Shaul and Talpiot
These industrial areas, the oldest in Jerusalem are located in two different sections of the city and continue to develop. They are mainly used by a mixture of enterprises, including: light industries, offices, services and commerce.
Incentives and grants to encourage business
Entrepreneurs and companies who want to establish businesses in Jerusalem can use the Authority's "One Stop Shop" which helps them in getting their benefits and grants from the various relevant agencies and escorts them through the network of governmental and municipal offices.

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About the Authority
About the Authority
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