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Bio Jerusalem

The BioJerusalem Center was established to promote the clusters of bio-med companies in Jerusalem as an engine for economic growth. The Center works to locate opportunities and developments in the field of bio-med, to formulate a special package of benefits for activities in this field, to consolidate the different groups employed in the life sciences in the city and to create mechanisms for cooperation between them including industries, hospitals and academic institutions. The Center markets Jerusalem as a major bio-tech city in Israel and in the world and functions as a Center providing services to bio-tech industries operating in the city.
Activities of BioJerusalem include additional aspects of development of the sector in the city such as:
  • Giving support and guidance to entrepreneurs, companies and investors;
  • Conducting forums and professional workshops for managers and employees;
  • Creating a framework for cooperation with similar projects overseas;
  • Arranging national and international conventions in Jerusalem;
  • Collecting a wide data base relating to activities in this field in Jerusalem;
  • Publishing a quarterly journal which reviews activities in the city;
  • Participating in relevant conventions in Israel and overseas to market the city and widen the number
    of activities conducted in it
Today Jerusalem offers bio-med companies the most generous benefits package being offered in Israel. The benefits package gives bio-med companies which relocate their activities to Jerusalem or expand their present activities in the city:
  • Tax breaks
  • Grants for the employment of new workers in the city
  • Expanded Chief Scientist grants from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
  • Grants to companies involved in research and development or which provide services for research and development
  • Grants for building physical infrastructures, for example laboratories and special R& D infrastructures.
About the Authority
About the Authority
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