The Old City Basin in Jerusalem has been declared a Global Heritage Site and constitutes a key attraction for visitors of different faiths who come to the holy places and numerous sites in the city.

The investment plan of the government and the Jerusalem Municipality in the Old City and the surrounding Basin is a long-term program entailing investments of hundreds of millions of shekels.

The JDA is active in the preservation, development,
and maintenance of the Old City and the Basin, including:

Upgrading and creating public infrastructures to enhance economic and tourism potential

Improving the quality of life and environment for the benefit of residents of the Old City and visitors

Ensuring the preservation of the built culture in the Old City and the Old City Basin

Developing green areas

The plan includes:

The Tourism Product in the Old City

The JDA is working on the basis of a strategic plan to promote and develop the tourism product in the Old City and to maximize the economic potential from tourism in the area.

The plan includes:

Government Decisions

In accordance with Government Decision No. 3788 of May 13, 2018, an additional five-year plan was approved for the period 2019-2024 for the development of the public domain in the Historical Basin of the Old City in Jerusalem, including the Mount of Olives. The plan includes: economic and commercial development, development of key access roads to the Old City Basin, traffic and parking solutions, anchor events for the general public, and the development of vital infrastructures for the benefit of residents and visitors to the Old City Basin.