The Cable Car – The Easy Way to the Old City

Jerusalem has undergone dramatic changes in recent years in terms of the urban mass transportation system to and within the city. Additional light rail lines will soon be added to the first line, as well as a rapid rail connection.
The large numbers of visitors, tourists, and residents coming to and from the Old City and the surrounding neighborhoods require rapid, accessible, and available transportation systems despite the topography and the congestion in the area.

Alongside rapid trains and buses planned for this area, the cable car project aims to meet some of the needs and pressures in this important area.

Congestion and traffic pressure on the access roads to the Old City influence not only residents, businesspeople, and visitors in the area, but also affect all the residents of the city.

The cable car project serves as a complementary solution to the other mass transportation solutions in Jerusalem, utilizing the third dimension – i.e. aerial transportation. In other words, the cable car project, alongside the other transportation solutions, is intended to provide a practical, positive, and efficient solution to the problem of access to the Old City.

Project goals:

Reinforcing tourism activities (domestic and overseas) in the Old City