In cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the IDF, and the Jerusalem Municipality, the JDA has promoted and approved a plan to relocate the IDF Colleges from the center of Israel to Jerusalem. In accordance with the historic government decisions to relocate government ministries in general, and the IDF College in particular, in the city, the JDA has worked over recent years to approve the plan in a location selected in cooperation with the IDF and the Municipality.

The Colleges plan is situated on a 39-dunam site in the north of the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, close to the “Swedish Village” for children with special needs, in the south of the city. The plan provides for the establishment of a new campus to absorb the activities of the IDF’s command and headquarters colleges from the Gelilot base, including eight different military training schools, common buildings such as an auditorium and sports facilities, administrative buildings, and residential facilities for students participating in the courses.