Jerusalem – A City of Tourism

Jerusalem is one of the strongest tourism brands in the world, offering a combination of thousands of years of history together with cultural institutions, tourism sites, and international cultural events. In recent years the number of tourists visiting Israel, and Jerusalem in particular, has risen significantly, and Jerusalem has welcomed around three million tourists a year.

The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) works on the basis of a long-term strategic plan to develop the tourism industry as a key engine for growth in the city. The aim is to maximize the economic potential of the industry and to create new jobs. The program includes the development of cultural and tourism “products,” infrastructures, and marketing for tourism in the city.

As part of its activities in the field of tourism development, the JDA markets incentives and grants for entrepreneurs and companies in two main areas:
Hotels: Ministry of Tourism grant of 20% toward the establishment or expansion of hotels in the city.
Conferences: Grants to promote and encourage international and local conferences in the city.
The JDA also initiates and promotes cultural and tourism events, such as: the International Jerusalem Marathon, Open Restaurants, Houses from Within, the GFNY race, a summer campaign, and other events.