The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) is a statutory authority established by law in 1988. The JDA’s functions include: Initiating, planning, and encouraging actions for the economic development of Jerusalem; coordinating between government ministries, authorities, and bodies involved in development in the city; consulting and providing information regarding initiatives, plans, and economic enterprises in Jerusalem.

The JDA’s Vision

To promote Jerusalem as a leading international city in the economic sector and in quality of life in the public domain. The JDA is a proactive and leading body in planning and development in the city, and works to achieve significant change, with an emphasis on a business-oriented, professional, and creative approach.

Challenges and Successes

Since its establishment, the JDA has promoted hundreds of projects that have made a substantial contribution to the quality of life in the city and have transformed Jerusalem into an international center for innovation and excellence and a source of pride for its residents. The JDA invests substantial resources in strengthening human capital and upgrading and developing physical and technological infrastructures in the city.

In order to enhance the quality of life of local residents, encourage positive and high-quality migration, and promote business entrepreneurship, the government has approved a long-term investment plan for the city. The plan includes the establishment and upgrading of infrastructures; development of economic and employment sectors in which Jerusalem offers competitive advantages; and creation of innovative frameworks designed to provide unique “tools” for entrepreneurs active in the city.

Planning in Jerusalem

Planning is the primary tool for implementing economic development projects. The JDA leads planning for the Jerusalem Municipality, the Israel Lands Administration, and other bodies in the fields of employment, residential construction, and unique projects that have a city-wide impact.

From the CEO

Over the years since its establishment, the JDA has acquired considerable experience in public activity in Jerusalem and now serves as the leading body in planning and development in the capital. The JDA is a proactive and incentivizing body that promotes the development of the city, enhances its beauty, and reinforces its economy. Through its activities, the JDA creates interfaces with other bodies, integrates public- and private-sector actions, and facilitates the development of appropriate conditions for the development of the private sector.

Jerusalem is currently undergoing a significant wave of development and construction, including the establishment of new factories, commercial projects, and initiatives in the fields of tourism, culture, art, quality of life, and higher education. These actions are taking place through long-term planning investments and initiatives undertaken in cooperation with the government and the Jerusalem Municipality. The first results of these actions can be seen here and now: the development of industrial and employment zones; development of the Old City Basin; development of domestic and international tourism in the city; construction of the Jerusalem Park and quarter parks; and diverse projects in the fields of academia, design, cinema, and television.

Eyal Haimovsky

CEO, Jerusalem Development Authority