Urban Renewal Administration

The Urban Renewal Administration was established in 2014 with the goal of promoting the implementation of urban renewal projects of the TAMA-38 types, and particularly projects for evacuation and construction in Jerusalem.

To this end, the Administration is active in three main areas:

Outreach and community contacts: Providing initial information for residents concerning the possibility of embarking on an urban renewal process; initial feasibility study; residents rights in accordance with the law; and basic consultation.

Managing urban renewal projects: Managing full/partial urban building plans for urban renewal in compounds in the city, initiated by the municipality or residents. The Administration manages the planning team and the public participation actions and helps the residents in the compound to organize themselves. In some cases, when residents so choose, the Administration assists in selecting a promoter.

Supervision and assistance to promoters: The Administration helps promoters to advance projects in the city, providing supervision in the planning stage, contacts with residents, declaration of a compound slated for urban renewal, identification of obstacles, and suggestion of solutions for overcoming these.