The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality, and academic institutions in the city, promotes development plans that draw on Jerusalem’s advantage in terms of the diversity and quantity of institutions of higher education active in the city

These programs seek to increase the number of students who come to study in Jerusalem, with an emphasis on students for knowledge-rich industry, and to encourage young people to settle in the city. This approach reflects the understanding that educated human capital is the basis for economic development in the city.
The JDA undertakes several actions to this end:

Expanding the physical infrastructures of educational institutions and supporting the development of new and unique study programs in the city;

Creating connections between academic institutions, industry, and the education system in Jerusalem;

Raising awareness of Jerusalem’s academic strength, the advantages offered by study in the city, and benefits available to students;

Enhancing the accessibility of the city and its outstanding academic institutions to students and candidates for higher education from Israel and around the world;

Formalizing cooperation between academic institutions, the city, and young people living and studying in Jerusalem;

Providing a unique package of benefits and services for students in Jerusalem.

The Academic City initiative ( provides all the information students need in order to study, live, have fun, and work in Jerusalem.
This includes:

Special financial benefits for students in the city, particularly a free first year for demobilized soldiers at colleges and the Making a Neighborhood projects.

An enormous range of cultural life, entertainment, and leisure opportunities, drawing on special benefits provided for students in Jerusalem.

A rich student life integrating diverse social activities with contribution to the community and combining activities on and off campus in the city.

Professional specialization and acquisition of employment experience within degree courses, by way of preliminary preparation for the job market.

Freedom to choose – an option to study at several academic institutions simultaneously. Students word toward a degree at their main institution, while also selecting courses at any other institution in the city without additional payment.

Overseas Package – a program of incentives intended to encourage institutions of higher education and art in the city to develop new study programs for overseas students. The package provides grants of up to NIS 100,000 for such programs.

Student Employment Package – a program of incentives encouraging knowledge-rich companies in the city to employ local students during the final year of studies.

For further information about higher education in Jerusalem, see the website of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research – click here.